2020 Virtual Open House

Please click on your child's TEACHER (their corresponding open house time frame is listed at the top with their grade level) to access their zoom session directly!

ECSE (Fri. Sept 4th @ 10:00AM - 10:45AM)
Jennifer Schmidt
Tara Cooper

Pre-K (Fri. Sept 4th @ 10:00AM - 10:45AM)
Mrs. Hicks

Kindergarten (Weds Sept. 2nd @ 4:45-5:30PM)

Amy Rimarski
Christine Jankowski
Chanmi Yang

1st Grade (Weds Sept. 2nd @ 4:45-5:30PM)
Mrs. Stoke 
Sierra McClair 
Melinda Gulick
Sara Grau
McCall Underwood

2nd Grade (Weds Sept. 2nd @ 5:30-6:15PM)
Melissa Smith
Debra Wanzong
Gina Kinert
Dolores Gresalfi

3rd Grade (Thursday Sept. 3rd @ 5:30 -6:15PM) If your teacher does not appear here, please select Amy Cross!

Amy Cross
Kierra Gilliam
Soraia Watson

4th Grade (Thurs. Sept 3rd @ 4:00 - 4:45PM) If your teacher does not appear here, please select Mrs. Lowry!
Mrs. Lowry 
Anna Raneiri
Trena Ortiz

5th Grade (Weds Sept. 2nd @ 4:00-4:45PM) 

Jennifer Abatsis
Anne Corbitt

LaDonna Young
Sharran Fairley-Hunter